Register a User

To use Deis, you must first register a user on the Controller.

Register with a Controller

Use deis register with the Controller URL (supplied by your Deis administrator) to create a new account. You will be logged in automatically.

The domain you use here should match the one you set with deisctl config platform set domain=. Note that you always use deis.<domain> to communicate with the controller.

$ deis register
username: myuser
password (confirm):
Registered myuser
Logged in as myuser


For Vagrant clusters: deis register


The subdomain can be customized by using deisctl config controller set subdomain=foo. The router will then route requests from foo.<domain> to the controller. See Customizing controller for more info on how to customize the controller.


The first user to register with Deis receives “superuser” privileges. Additional users who register will be ordinary users. It’s also possible to disable user registration after creating the superuser account. For details, see Disabling user registration.

Upload Your SSH Public Key

If you plan on using git push to deploy applications to Deis, you must provide your SSH public key. Use the deis keys:add command to upload your default SSH public key, usually one of:

  • ~/.ssh/
  • ~/.ssh/
$ deis keys:add
Found the following SSH public keys:
Which would you like to use with Deis? 1
Uploading /Users/myuser/.ssh/ to Deis... done

Logout from a Controller

Logout of an existing controller session using deis logout.

$ deis logout
Logged out as deis

Login to a Controller

If you already have an account, use deis login to authenticate against the Deis Controller.

$ deis login
username: deis
Logged in as deis


For Vagrant clusters: deis login


Deis session information is stored in your user’s ~/.deis directory.