Operational tasks

Below are some common operational tasks for managing the Deis platform.

Managing users

There are two classes of Deis users: normal users and administrators.

  • Users can use most of the features of Deis - creating and deploying applications, adding/removing domains, etc.
  • Administrators can perform all the actions that users can, but they also have owner access to all applications.

The first user created on a Deis installation is automatically an administrator.

Promoting users to administrators

You can use the deis perms command to promote a user to an administrator:

$ deis perms:create john --admin

Disabling user registration

You can disable user registration for everybody except admins:

$ deisctl config controller set registrationMode="admin_only"

If you want to entirely disable user registration:

$ deisctl config controller set registrationMode="disabled"

Re-issuing User Authentication Tokens

The controller API uses a simple token-based HTTP Authentication scheme. Token authentication is appropriate for client-server setups, such as native desktop and mobile clients. Each user of the platform is issued a token the first time that they sign up on the platform. If this token is compromised, it will need to be regenerated.

A user can regenerate their own token like this:

$ deis auth:regenerate

An administrator can also regenerate the token of another user like this:

$ deis auth:regenerate -u test-user

At this point, the user will no longer be able to authenticate against the controller with his auth token:

$ deis apps
Invalid token

They will need to log back in to use their new auth token.

If there is a cluster wide security breach, an administrator can regenerate everybody’s auth token like this:

$ deis auth:regenerate --all=true