Install deisctl

The Deis Control Utility, or deisctl for short, is a command-line client used to configure and manage the Deis Platform.

Run the Installer

Change to the directory where you would like the deisctl binary to be installed, then download and run the latest installer:

$ cd ~/bin
$ curl -sSL | sh -s 1.9.1
$ # on CoreOS, add "sudo" to install to /opt/bin/deisctl
$ curl -sSL | sudo sh -s 1.9.1

This installs deisctl version 1.9.1 to the current directory, and downloads the matching Deis systemd unit files used to schedule the components. Link deisctl into /usr/local/bin, so it will be in your $PATH:

$ sudo ln -fs $PWD/deisctl /usr/local/bin/deisctl

To change installation options, save the installer directly:

Then run the downloaded file as a shell script. Append --help to see what options are available.


Always use a version of deisctl that matches the Deis release. Verify this with deisctl --version.

Building from Source

To build deisctl locally, first get the source, ensure you have godep installed, and run:

$ make -C deisctl build

You can then move or link the client so it will be in your path:

$ sudo ln -fs $PWD/deisctl/deisctl /usr/local/bin/deisctl


Remember to run deisctl refresh-units or to set $DEISCTL_UNITS to an appropriate directory if you do not use the deisctl installer. Run the command deisctl help refresh-units for more information.