Configure DNS

For Deis clusters on Amazon Web Services, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, Linode, OpenStack, or bare metal, DNS records must be created. The cluster runs multiple routers infront of the Deis controller and apps you deploy, so a load balancer is recommended.


For local Vagrant clusters, no DNS configuration is required. The domain already resolves to the IPs of the first 3 VMs provisioned by Deis’ Vagrantfile:,,

Use to log in to the controller on a 3-node Vagrant cluster. Apps that you deploy will have their name prefixed to the domain, such as “”.

Similarly, use for a 5-node Vagrant cluster.

Necessary DNS records

Deis requires a wildcard DNS record. Assuming is the top-level domain apps will live under:

  • * should have “A” record entries for each of the load balancer’s IP addresses

Apps can then be accessed by browsers at, and the controller will be available to the Deis client at

AWS recommends against creating “A” record entries; instead, create a wildcard “CNAME” record entry for the load balancer’s DNS name, or use Amazon Route 53.

These records are necessary for all deployments of Deis other than Vagrant clusters.


An alternative to configuring your own DNS records is to use xip to reference the IP of your load balancer. For example:

$ deis register

You would then create the cluster with as the cluster domain.

Note that xip does not seem to work for AWS ELBs - you will have to use an actual DNS record.