Contributor Overview

Interested in contributing to the Deis project? There are lots of ways to help.

File Bugs & Enhancements

Find a bug? Want to see a new feature? Have a request for the maintainers? Open a GitHub issue and we’ll get the conversation started.

Write Documentation

We are always looking to improve and expand our documentation. Most docs reside in the main repository under the docs/ directory. Simply fork the project, update docs and send us a pull request.

Contribute Code

We are always looking for help improving the core framework, modules, tooling and test coverage. Interested in contributing code? Let’s chat in IRC. Make sure to check out issues tagged easy-fix.

When you’re ready to begin writing code, review Design Documents and Development Environment.

Share your Experience

Interact with the community on our user mailing list or live in our IRC channel, #deis on Freenode, where you can chat with other Deis users any time of day.