Configure Load Balancers

Deis Load Balancer Diagram

Deis includes multiple routers scheduled to the cluster as part of the router mesh. In the event of a host failure, these routers can move hosts. Therefore, it is recommended that you configure a load balancer to operate in front of the Deis cluster to serve application traffic.

These ports need to be open on the load balancers:

  • 80 (for application traffic and for API calls to the controller)
  • 2222 (for traffic to the builder)

If you want to configure SSL termination on your load balancer, see Installing SSL for the Platform.

A health check should be configured on the load balancer to send an HTTP request to /health-check at port 80 on all nodes in the Deis cluster. The health check endpoint returns an HTTP 200. This enables the load balancer to serve traffic to whichever hosts happen to be running the deis-router component at any moment.


The Deis provisioning scripts for AWS automatically create an Elastic Load Balancer for your Deis cluster.

Google Compute Engine

The provisioning instructions for Google Compute Engine include steps to create a load balancer. It is not possible to change the timeout of the load balancer in Google Compute Engine at the moment.