Customizing cache

The following settings are tunable for the Cache component. Values are stored in etcd.


Requires: none

Required by: controller, registry

Considerations: none

Settings set by cache

The following etcd keys are set by the cache component, typically in its /bin/boot script.

setting description
/deis/cache/host IP address of the host running cache
/deis/cache/port port used by the cache service (default: 6379)

Settings used by cache


All changes require a restart.

The following etcd keys are used by the cache component.

setting description
/deis/cache/maxmemory maximum memory used for caching (default: 50mb)

Using a custom cache image

You can use a custom Docker image for the cache component instead of the image supplied with Deis:

$ deisctl config cache set image=myaccount/myimage:latest

This will pull the image from the public Docker registry. You can also pull from a private registry:

$ deisctl config cache set

Be sure that your custom image functions in the same way as the stock cache image shipped with Deis. Specifically, ensure that it sets and reads appropriate etcd keys.