Once you have provisioned a Deis Controller (see the Installing Deis guide), use the command-line interface (CLI) to create a cluster for your app, to push your code, and to scale your cloud resources.

The Deis command-line client issues API calls to a Deis controller.

Usage: deis <command> [<args>...]

Auth commands:

register      register a new user with a controller
login         login to a controller
logout        logout from the current controller

Subcommands, use deis help [subcommand] to learn more:

apps          manage applications used to provide services
ps            manage processes inside an app container
config        manage environment variables that define app config
domains       manage and assign domain names to your applications
builds        manage builds created using `git push`
limits        manage resource limits for your application
tags          manage tags for application containers
releases      manage releases of an application
certs         manage SSL endpoints for an app

keys          manage ssh keys used for `git push` deployments
perms         manage permissions for applications
git           manage git for applications
users         manage users

Shortcut commands, use deis shortcuts to see all:

create        create a new application
scale         scale processes by type (web=2, worker=1)
info          view information about the current app
open          open a URL to the app in a browser
logs          view aggregated log info for the app
run           run a command in an ephemeral app container
destroy       destroy an application
pull          imports an image and deploys as a new release

Use git push deis master to deploy to an application.