rabacus.cosmology.parameters.planck package


rabacus.cosmology.parameters.planck.load module

I/O routines to read in Plank data

class rabacus.cosmology.parameters.planck.load.PlanckParameters(data_sets='base_planck_lowl')[source]

Load Planck cosmological parameters.

data_sets (str): A string indicating which data sets to include.

Possible values for data_sets include,

  • base_planck_lowl
  • base_planck_lowl_lowLike
  • base_planck_lowl_post_lensing
  • base_planck_lowl_lowLike_highL
  • base_planck_lowl_lowLike_post_lensing
  • base_planck_lowl_lowLike_highL_post_lensing

values (dict): cosmological parameter values

latex (dict): latex representation of parameter name


Description of data sets.

base: 6 parameter LCDM model

planck: high-l planck temperature data

lowl: low-l planck temperature data

lowLike: low-l WMAP9 polarization data (WP)

lensing: planck lensing power spectrum

highL: high-l data from ACT and SPT

The default data sets base_plank_lowl will return the values in column 1 of table 2 in http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.5076

Module contents

Cosmological parameters from Planck.