Open source data acquisition framework


Plasduino is a data acquisition framework for the physics lab. It builds on top of an old, no longer maintained project for data acquisition through the parallel port (plas) and is based on the arduino platform (hence the name plasduino). If you are wondering what we are talking about, our overview paper is probably the single most useful reference, so take a look!

plasduino, system overview

Plasduino is an open hardware/software project. The codebase is released under the GPL licence along with the shield schematics. The main goal is to provide all the necessary tools to assemble a flexible, easy-to-use, general-purpose data acquisition system, suitable for physics didactic experiments, for under 50$.

Plasduino is written in python (relying on several third-party python modules) and uses PyQt4 for the graphical user interface. A list of pre-requisites for the installation is available here.

The plasduino code is hosted on bitbucket. Among other things, you want to use bitbucket to browse the source code or download plasduino in your favourite flavour. In addition to that, we use the issue tracker provided by bitbucket for bug reports and feature request; using the issue tracker is by far the most effective way to complaint or suggest improvements!