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cloud_sptheme.ext.relbar_links - adds TOC entry to relbar

New in version 1.8.1.


This Sphinx extension allows you to insert links into the navigation bar (“relbar”) at the top of bottom of all pages.

While it can be configured with arbitrary links, by default it automatically inserts a Table Of Contents entry, similar to the old python documentation format. This is mainly useful when the title link in the navigation bar has been redirected to page other than Table Of Contents (such as allowed by the roottarget option of the “Cloud” sphinx theme).


By default, this inserts a “TOC” link to the right of any “Next” or “Previous” buttons, which points to your sphinx master document.

It can be customized using the following options in


Optional list of links to insert, defaults to ["toc"]. Each list item can have one of four formats:

  • A dictionary containing the keys "page" and "label", as well as optional "key" and "title" keywords.

    “page” should be the an absolute path to your page (e.g. “contents”, or “lib/mypage”). “label” is the text that will be displayed on the link, “title” is the tooltip set for the link, and “key” is the accesskey for selecting the link.

  • A 2-element tuple of (page, label)

  • A 4-element tuple of (page, title, key, label)

  • The predefined string "toc", which is replaced with a table of contents link to your master document.


When inserting the links, this extension will place them as far left as possible, so long as they are to the right of any links that are included in this list. Defaults to ["next", "previous"].