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Installation Instructions


  • Python >= 2.6 or Python 3
  • Sphinx 1.4 or newer.


  • To install from pypi using pip:

    pip install cloud_sptheme
  • To install from pypi using easy_install:

    easy_install cloud_sptheme
  • To install from source using

    python build
    sudo python install


To use this theme on

  1. If it doesn’t already exist, add a pip requirements.txt file to your documentation (e.g. alongside It should contain a minimum of the following lines:


    ... as well as any other build requirements for your project’s documentation.

  2. When setting up your project on ReadTheDocs, enter the path to requirements.txt in the requirements file field on the project configuration page.

  3. ReadTheDocs will now automatically download the latest version of cloud_sptheme when building your documentation.


The latest copy of this documentation should always be available at:

If you wish to generate your own copy of the documentation, you will need to:

  1. Install Sphinx (1.4 or better)
  2. Download the cloud_sptheme source.
  3. From the source directory, run python build_sphinx -E.
  4. Once Sphinx is finished, point a web browser to the file SOURCE/build/sphinx/html/index.html.