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Release History

1.9.4 (2017-04-05)

  • auto_redirect:

    • simplified markup
    • skip popup if referrer is within document
    • bugfix: correctly handle source document that’s not at root of url
  • bugfix: docfield_markup: sphinx 1.5 compat fix

  • bugfix: table_styling: header-alignment not being parsed correctly

1.9 (2017-04-02)

New Features

  • Added auto_redirect extension, to help alert users when documentation location has changed.
  • table_styling now handles colspans correctly, and supports new :header-alignment: directive for setting separate alignment on header columns (issue 28, issue 29, and issue 33).

Other Changes


  • bugfix: js code updated to be compatible with jquery 3
  • bugfix: page_only no longer chokes on non-ascii chars in page
  • bugfix: table_styling should no longer cause “directive already exists” warning under sphinx 1.5 (issue 32).

1.8.3 (2017-2-8)

Bugfix release

  • bugfix: relbar_links: fixed potential label/title mixup, added some unittests.
  • bugfix: Setup script should no longer append timestamp when building from sdist; which should fix some reproducible-build issues downstream.
  • Added tox.ini script, with some very minimal tests.
  • Updated documentation.

1.8.2 (2017-1-30)

Bugfix release

  • bugfix: relbar_links: resolve translation proxies to prevent hash() error

1.8.1 (2017-1-30)

Bugfixes, and new “relbar_links” extension added:

  • relbar_toc extension deprecreated, replaced with more flexible relbar_links extension. This should also fix issues with broken links under ‘dirhtml’ and other builders.
  • Assorted internal fixes to CSS template.
  • Documentation layout updated.

1.8 (2016-11-20)


This theme now requires Sphinx >= 1.4

New Features

  • Admonitions now support “without-title” class to hide title prefix (“Note”, “See also”, etc)
  • Added role_index extension
  • Added page_only extension

Other Changes

  • Sticky sidebar code now allows sidebar to be scrolled independently of main document – just scroll mouse while overing over sidebar.
  • Sidebar can now be viewed from mobile mode; hidden state is stored independently of large screen menu.
  • A large amount of the sidebar css & js was rewritten, many of the DOM classes have changed.


  • collapsablesidebar flag is now ignored, sidebar is always collapsable. flag will be removed in 1.9.


1.7.1 (2015-12-12)

Bugfix release

  • Fixed divide-by-zero error under python 3 (issue 23).
  • JS url comparison code now handles file:// urls (issue 24).
  • Now requires Sphinx >= 1.3.

1.7 (2015-07-25)


This theme now requires Sphinx >= 1.2 (some of the javascript code won’t work with the jquery version bundled in Sphinx 1.1 and earlier).

New Features

Other Changes

  • autodoc_sections has been completely rewritten. now utilitizes docutil’s native RST parser, creates real section elements rather than hacked up definition lists; should now handle any valid rest directive that can be put at module-level.
  • Added styling for 2nd-level section headers, and the nested section headers generated by autodoc_sections.
  • Default font size adjusted for compactness.
  • The popuptoc feature has been removed. It was just too awkward to maintain the required styling. May revisit in the future using a JS-based approach.
  • Unified button hover look & color through relbar, sidebar, and body.
  • Completely rewrote TOC highlighter code, now indicates active section, and collapses inactive TOC entries that are too large.
  • Makes use of Sphinx 1.2’s egg entry point, so get_theme_dir() no longer needs to be used directly.


  • autodoc_sections now monkeypatches sphinx so that :param foo: and other fields get formatted correctly when they’re embedded in a nested section (issue 21).
  • now compatibile with Sphinx 1.3’s switch from <tt> to <code> for literals.
  • autodoc_sections now monkeypatches sphinx so that :param foo: and other fields get formatted correctly when they’re embedded in a nested section (issue 21).
  • autodoc_sections now handles method descriptors correctly (issue 16).
  • the sidebar collapse state is now consistent across subfolders of document (issue 9).
  • jumping to method or attribute permalink will now highlight the object.

1.6 (2013-12-28)

New Features

  • Added rightsidebar option to base theme, ala the Sphinx default theme.
  • TOC entries which overflow sidebar now popup when hovered over (can be disabled via popuptoc = false).
  • Added sidebar_localtoc_title and a number of other options for changing the titles of various links in the sidebar.
  • Added a sidebar called quicklinks.html, which mirrors the navbar at the top and bottom of the page.
  • Various other small styling changes.


  • Web font url now works with HTTPS
  • TOC highlighter now works with global toc (issue 7)

1.5 (2012-10-01)

New Features

  • Added plain, centered, and fullwidth css classes for positioning tables (see the theme options).
  • Added new extension cloud_sptheme.ext.table_styling, which adds some per-column styling options to the .. table:: directive.

Other Changes

  • Changed default font to Open Sans, for readability.
  • Removed all hardcoded pt or px font sizes, all sizes now specified as % of browser default.
  • Various improvements to mobile layout, including use of “viewport” metatag.


  • Now compatible with jquery 1.8 (and thus sphinx 1.2)
  • Sticky sidebar code now more intelligent about various border cases.
  • Sticky sidebar now works when logo not present (issue 5)
  • Sidebar toggle and headers now displayed correctly when printed (issue 4)

1.4 (2012-08-02)

  • Sidebar now collapsible by default (issue 3).
  • Sidebar now “sticks” to window when scrolling.
  • Sidebar TOC now highlights sections currently being shown in window.
  • Numerous documentation updates.
  • Various minor bugfixes.
  • Now natively compatible with Python 3, the 2to3 command is no longer required.

1.3 (2012-05-01)

  • Cleaned up documentation.

  • Redid css layouts. Cloud now has three layouts, controlled by css media queries:

    • “Normal” mode displays the document as a center-aligned box within the browser window. It will not grow to be larger than max_width (default 11 inches) in size. (This theme parameter was previously named docwidth).
    • “Compact” mode strips the body padding to fill the whole window, but otherwise looks “Normal” mode. It will be used when the browser is less than compact_width (default 960 pixels) in size. This layout is new in 1.3.
    • “Minimal” mode strips excess padding, hides the sidebar, and does other things to reduce it’s footprint as much as possible. This mode will be used if the browser is less than minimal_width in size (currently 700px), or if it uses the "handheld" css media type. (This theme parameter was previously named smallwidth).
  • Added issue_tracker extension, for auto-creating links to a project’s issue tracker.

  • Added escaped_samp_literals extension, which patches Sphinx to allow literal { characters in samp roles.

  • Added optional Google Analytics integration.

  • Added collapsiblesidebar option, as well as defaultcollapsed option. Though sidebar is still always hidden under minimal mode.

  • Added a number of other rst-class styling directives.

1.2 (2011-07-11)

Minor stylistic changes to theme:

  • Changed section headers have colored background.
  • Added icons to admonitions.
  • Changed default font.
  • Other minor changes.

1.1 (2011-05-04)

New features:

  • CSS media query automatically hides sidebar & trim for small displays (e.g. mobile devices)
  • Toggleable sections javascript code rewritten, now auto-expands based on url hash.
  • The parser used by the autodoc_sections extension is now much more robust, and relies on fewer assumptions about the source.
  • Fixed header margin glitch that was occurring under Chrome.
  • Various minor layout enhancements.

1.0 (2011-03-25)

First public release.