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The Cloud Sphinx Theme

This is release 1.9.4 of a small Python package named cloud_sptheme. It contains a Sphinx theme named “Cloud”, and some related Sphinx extensions. Cloud and its extensions are primarily oriented towards generating html documentation for Python libraries. It provides numerous small enhancements to make the html documentation html more interactive, improve the layout on mobile devices, and other enhancements.



Cloud Sphinx Theme
the main Sphinx theme provided by this package, and used by this documentation.

Markup Extensions

The following extensions make some helpful enhancements to sphinx’s markup. They should all be theme-independant.

Patches the sphinx.ext.autodoc to handle RST section headers inside docstrings.
Patches sphinx.ext.autodoc so that .. autoattribute:: will also search parent classes for attribute docstrings.
Patches Sphinx to permit tilde-prefixes markup such as :raises ~myapp.MyException:
Patches Sphinx to permit escaped {} characters within a :samp: role.
Adds a special :issue: role for quickly linking to your project’s issue tracker.
Enhances .. table directive to support per-column text alignment and other layout features.

Meta Extensions

The following extensions add some additional capabilities and features for building sphinx documentation. They should all be theme-independant.

Helper to alert users when documentation hosting has moved to a different url.
Directive that allows entire pages to be conditionally omitted from a build, similar to .. only::.
Adds a TOC or other custom links to the top navigation controls.
Generates a “roleindex.json” of all document and cross-references, to help integrate sphinx documentation into a web application’s context-aware help.

Theme-Specific Extensions

The following Sphinx extensions provide features used by the Cloud theme, and may prove useful for documentation that needs a specific feature:

Adds additional css styling classes to the index page.


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history of current and past releases