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cloud_sptheme.ext.index_styling - improves css styling for genindex


This Sphinx extension intercepts & modifies the general index data before it is rendered to html, adding some additional css classes to help Sphinx themes (e.g. “Cloud” sphinx theme) provide additional per-type styling for index entries.


This extension adds the following css classes to genindex.html:

  • For all entries referencing an attribute, method, class, function, or module:
    • The text containing the type of the entry (e.g. attribute or method) is wrapped in a <span class="category type">...</span> tag.
    • If the entry contains a location (e.g. myclass in module myapp), the myapp portion is wrapped in a <span class="location">...</span> tag.
  • Entries which don’t fit into one of the above categories are not modified.