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cloud_sptheme.ext.issue_tracker - support for issue text role


This Sphinx extension adds a new text role, :issue:, which will automatically be converted into links to your project’s issue tracker.

Issue roles should have the format :issue:`5` or :issue:`Custom Title <5>`. They will be converted into external references to the appropriate issue number in your project’s issue tracker.


This extension reads the following options:


This should provide a path to the project’s issue tracker. It should have one of the following formats:

  • bb:user/project – link to BitBucket issue tracker for specified project
  • gh:user/project – link to GitHub issue tracker for specified project
  • string containing arbitrary url, the substring {issue} will be replaced with the relevant issue number, and {title} with the link title.

If this option is not specified, all issue references will be converted into labels instead of links.


Template for generating default title for references that only specify the issue number (e.g. :issue:`5`). This defaults to Issue {issue}. Usage Example:

# add to list of extensions:
extensions = [


# set path to issue tracker:
issue_tracker_url = "{issue}"



For themeing purposes, the generated <a> tag will have an issue CSS class added to it.

Changed in version 1.8.4: Removed “Google Code” preset url format.