SuRF – Object RDF mapper


SuRF is an Object - RDF Mapper based on the popular rdflib python library. It exposes the RDF triple sets as sets of resources and seamlessly integrates them into the Object Oriented paradigm of python in a similar manner as ActiveRDF does for ruby.

Quick start:

from surf import *

store = Store(  reader='rdflib',
            rdflib_store = 'IOMemory')

session = Session(store)

print 'Load RDF data'

Person = session.get_class(ns.FOAF['Person'])

all_persons = Person.all()

print 'Found %d persons that Tim Berners-Lee knows'%(len(all_persons))
for person in all_persons:
    print person.foaf_name.first

#create a person object
somebody = Person()
somebody_else = Person()

somebody.foaf_knows = somebody_else


A great deal of thanks go to:

for their contributions and ideas put into SuRF.

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