The sparql_protocol Plugin

sparql_protocol plugin reads data from SPARQL endpoints. It also implements writing to endpoints using SPARQL-Update language. This plugin is known to work with endpoints supplied by OpenLink Virtuoso and 4store. It currently cannot access endpoints that require authorization.

SPARQLWrapper library is used for actually making requests and converting data from and to Python structures.

Initialization Parameters
Parameter Default Value Description
endpoint None Address of SPARQL HTTP endpoint.
default_context None The default context (graph) to be queried against (this is useful in particular for the Virtuoso RDF store).
combine_queries None whether multiple SPARUL queries can be sent in one request
use_subqueries None whether use of SPARQL 1.1 subqueries and SELECT expressions is allowed (whether SPARQL endpoint supports that)
use_keepalive False whether to use HTTP 1.1 keep-alive connections.

The parameters are passed as key-value arguments to the class:

s = Store(  reader          =   "sparql_protocol",
            writer          =   "sparql_protocol",
            endpoint        =   "",
            default_graph   =   "")

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