The sesame2 PluginΒΆ

Input Parameters
Parameter Default Value Description
server localhost the location of the AllegroGraph RDF server
port 6789 the port AllegroGraph is running on
repository None the repository to use
root_path /sesame the sesame http api root path pf the server
repository_path   the location on disk of the directory holding the repository
use_allegro_extensions False whether to use AllegroGraph Extensions to Sesame2 HTTP protocol. Set this to true if the repository you are accessing over Sesame2 HTTP protocol is AllegroGraph.

the parameters are passed as key-value arguments to the class

s = Store(  reader          = 'sesame2',
            writer          = 'sesame2',
            server          = 'localhost',
            port            = 6789,
            repository      = 'test_surf',
            root_path       = '/sesame',
            repository_path =   r'D:\repositories')

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