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class, concept_class)[source]

Bases: object

The Rest class handles the generation of REST like methods to perform CRUD operations on a surf.resource.Resource class

note: The REST api exposed is designed in accordance with the REST controller used in pylons applications, it adheres to the REST specification and offers extra features

the resource is the surf.resource.Resource class for which the REST interface is exposed, the resources_namespace represents the URI that instances will be using as subjects


REST : POST /: Create a new item, creates a new instance of the current Resource type


REST : DELETE /id: Delete an existing item. removes the denoted instance from the underlying store

edit(id, json_params)[source]

REST : GET /id;edit: updates an instances attributes with the supplied parameters

index(offset=None, limit=None)[source]

REST : GET /: All items in the collection, returns all instances for the current Resource


REST : GET /new: Form to create a new item. creates a new instance of the current Resource type


REST : GET /id: Show a specific item. show / retrieve the specified resource

update(id, json_params)[source]

REST : PUT /id: Update an existing item., update an instnaces attributes with the supplied parameters

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