Loading a public remote RDF file using rdflibΒΆ

Print all persons mentioned in Tim Berners-Lee’s FOAF document:

import surf

store = surf.Store(reader = "rdflib",
                   writer = "rdflib",
                   rdflib_store = "IOMemory")

session = surf.Session(store)

print "Load RDF data"
store.load_triples(source = "http://www.w3.org/People/Berners-Lee/card.rdf")

Person = session.get_class(surf.ns.FOAF["Person"])

all_persons = Person.all()

print "Found %d persons in Tim Berners-Lee's FOAF document" % (len(all_persons))
for person in all_persons:
    print person.foaf_name.first

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