exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.CIMError(*args)[source]

LMIShell’s exception for CIM errors.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.ConnectionError(*args)[source]

LMIShell’s exception for Connection errors.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIClassNotFound(namespace, class_name)[source]

Raised, when trying to access missing class in LMINamespace.

  • namespace (string) – namespace name
  • classname (string) – class name, which was not found in namespace
exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIDeletedObjectError[source]

Raised, when there is an attempt to access properties on deleted LMIInstance object.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIFilterError[source]

Raised, when a filter error occurs, mostly when filter object is missing.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIHandlerNamePatternError[source]

Raised when the pattern string does not contain minimum replaceable characters.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIIndicationError[source]

Raised, if an error occurs while subscribing to/removing an indication.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIIndicationListenerError[source]

Raised, if there is an error while starting/stopping indication listener.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIMethodCallError[source]

Raised, when an error occurs within method call.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMINamespaceNotFound(namespace, *args)[source]

Raised, when trying to access not existing namespace from connection or namespace object.

  • namespace (string) – namespace which was not found
  • args – other positional arguments
exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMINoPagerError[source]

Raised, when there is no default pager like less or more.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMINotSupported[source]

Raised, when non-WSMAN method is about to be called.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMISynchroMethodCallError[source]

Raised, when an error occurs within synchronized method call.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMISynchroMethodCallFilterError[source]

Raised, when the LMIShell can not find necessary static filter for synchronous method call.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIUnknownParameterError[source]

Raised, when there is a method call issued and unknown method parameter is provided.

exception lmi.shell.LMIExceptions.LMIUnknownPropertyError[source]

Raised, when there is an attempt to create instance with unknown property provided.