class lmi.shell.LMIConstantValues.LMIConstantValues(cim_obj, cast_type)[source]

Abstract class for constant value objects.

  • cim_obj – this object is either of type wbem.CIMParameter, wbem.CIMProperty or wbem.CIMMethod. Construction of this object requires to have a member _cast_type to properly cast CIM object. When constructing derived objects, make sure, that the mentioned member is present before calling this constructor.
  • cast_type – parameter/property cast type

Prints all available constant names.

Usage: Get ValueMap properties.

Parameters:value_name (string) – constant name
Returns:constant value

Usage: Get ValueMap property value.

Parameters:value (int) – numeric constant value
Returns:constant value
Return type:string

Usage: Get ValueMap property value name.

Returns:list of all available constant values
Returns:dictionary of constants’ names and values
class lmi.shell.LMIConstantValues.LMIConstantValuesMethodReturnType(cim_method)[source]

Derived class used for constant values of wbem.CIMMethod.

Parameters:cim_method (CIMMethod) – wbem.CIMMethod object
class lmi.shell.LMIConstantValues.LMIConstantValuesParamProp(cim_property)[source]

Derived class used for constant values of wbem.CIMProperty and wbem.CIMParameter.

Parameters:cim_propertywbem.CIMProperty or wbem.CIMParameter object. Both objects have necessary member type which is needed for proper casting.