class pymodelfit.core.AutoParamsMeta(name, bases, dct)[source]

Bases: abc.ABCMeta

Metaclass used to auto-generate parameters from the FunctionModel.f() method of FunctionModel subclasses.

This generates attributes for each of the inputs of the method FunctionModel.f() (except ‘self’ and ‘x’)

When a model is instantiated, the arguments specify initial values for the parameters, and any non-parameter kwargs will be passed into the __init__() method of the model class.

If f is of the form f(self,x,*args), the first argument of the constructor is taken to be the number of arguments that particular instance should have, and the paramnames class attribute can be used to specify the prefix for the name of the parameters (and can be an iterator, in which case one of each name will be made for each var arg, in sequence order). Default values can be given by adding class variables of the form _param0_default where param0 is replaced by the appropriate parameter name.

__init__(name, bases, dct)[source]
__call__(*args, **kwargs)[source]
mro() → list

return a type’s method resolution order


Register a virtual subclass of an ABC.

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