PyModelFit: model-fitting framework and GUI tool

Author:Erik Tollerud

PyModelFit is a package that provides a pythonic, object-oriented framework that simplifies the task of designing numerical models to fit data. This is a very broad task, and hence the current functionality of PyModelFit focuses on the simpler tasks of 1D curve-fitting, including a GUI interface to simplify interactive work (using Enthought Traits). For more complicated modeling, PyModelFit also provides a wide range of classes and a framework to support more general model/data types (2D to Scalar, 3D to Scalar, 3D to 3D, and so on).


This project is a spin off of Astropysics, although it doesn’t require astropysics.


Quick Install

See Getting Started with PyModelFit for full install instructions.

To install the current release of pymodelfit, the simplest approach is:

pip install pymodelfit

(on unix-like systems or OS X, add “sudo ” before this command)

Note that you must have numpy and scipy installed, although the installer should install them for you if they are not already present. To use the FitGUI, you will need Traits, TraitsGUI, and Chaco.

Bug Reports

Please report any bugs encountered to the github issue tracker.

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