PYPIView documentation

PYPIView package provides a simple class to plot the number of downloads of a Pypi package (or several). The download counting is perfomed by the vanity package. The plotting is performed with the Pandas package.


pip install pypiview

Quick Start

Nothing complicated since there is just one class provided. You can look at a single package or several packages. First, we create an instance telling what package we are instereted in:

from pypiview import PYPIView
p = PYPIView("requests")

Then, we call the plotting method. Here, we use the a logarithm scale because requests package is a popular one:


(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


Alternatively, you can look at several packages at the same time, which is handy for comparison:

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


PYPIview provides also a command line argument called pypiview. Usage is as follows:

pypiview <list of packages separated by spaces> --verbose --logy --lw 2 --fontsize 16


pypiview requests --verbose --logy --lw 2 --fontsize 16

pypiview setuptools distribute --verbose --logy --lw 2 --fontsize 16

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