Warning: pyny3d and this web are under development. This does not mean the package is useless, in fact, it is published because it currently works. Please, be patient and if you have something to comment or ask, please email me at: joseantfer.engineer@gmail.com

What is pyny3d?

pyny3d is a Python3 tyny tool to model and generate information from 3D geometries based on polygons. Furthermore, it is possible to perform solar shading simulations and timeseries data projections (e.g. radiation) over these models. The library can be scripted or used interactively; independently or alongside with other applications.


Projected radiation about a column during a year. The square in cyan indicated the contact between the column and the floor (this area has not been simulated)

It is an important part of the Solarized Project, which main goal is to find the perfect mix between Solar Energies Combinatorial Analysis and Artificial Intelligence guidance. pyny3d was created in this context, not to be a cutting edge library on functionality or performance, but to be as simple and intuitive as possible without refusing to contain a reasonable set of helpful features.

If you want to see this tool in action addressing different kind of problems visit the Guide section. You will find there easy code, explanatory visualizations and concise explanations about what is happening and why.

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