Flask-SQLAlchemy support

Flask-SQLAlchemy supports pagination through its paginate(), which will return a Pagination object. These can automatically rendered through the render_pagination macro:

{% from "bootstrap/pagination.html" import render_pagination %}

{# ... #}

render_pagination(pagination, endpoint=None, prev='«', next='»', ellipses='…', size=None, args={}, **kwargs)

Renders a pager for query pagination.

  • paginationPagination instance.
  • endpoint – Which endpoint to call when a page number is clicked. url_for() will be called with the given endpoint and a single parameter, page. If None, uses the requests current endpoint.
  • prev – Symbol/text to use for the “previous page” button. If None, the button will be hidden.
  • next – Symbol/text to use for the “previous next” button. If None, the button will be hidden.
  • ellipses – Symbol/text to use to indicate that pages have been skipped. If None, no indicator will be printed.
  • size – Can be ‘sm’ or ‘lg’ for smaller/larger pagination.
  • args – Additional arguments passed to url_for(). If endpoint is None, uses args and view_args
  • kwargs – Extra attributes for the <ul>-element.