There are a few configuration options used by Flask-Bootstrap, these are regular Flask Configuration variables (there’s a manual on these here).


There’s a Flask extension available to aid the creation of Twelve-Factor-patterned apps in the form of Flask-Appconfig. It also handles other kinds of configuration setups and goes along well with Flask-Bootstrap.

Option Default  
BOOTSTRAP_USE_MINIFIED True Whether or not to use the minified versions of the css/js files.
BOOTSTRAP_SERVE_LOCAL False If True, Bootstrap resources will be served from the local app instance every time. See CDN support for details.
BOOTSTRAP_LOCAL_SUBDOMAIN None Passes a subdomain parameter to the generated Blueprint. Useful when serving assets locally from a different subdomain.
BOOTSTRAP_CDN_FORCE_SSL True If a CDN resource url starts with //, prepend 'https:' to it.
BOOTSTRAP_QUERYSTRING_REVVING True If True, will append a querystring with the current version to all static resources served locally. This ensures that upon upgrading Flask-Bootstrap, these resources are refreshed.