Following lists the changes per released version.

v0.4.11, 2016-01-24:

  • general; updated to waf version 1.8.19
  • general; tested with waf versions 1.8.10 ~ 1.8.19
  • general; tested with python-2.7.10 and python python-3.4.3
  • ccenv; add /DEBUG link option; used for exporting debug program database
  • ccenv; add /Fd<appname>.pdb CL link option; specifies debug program database name
  • cppcheck; presence is now optional, source code checking will be skipped durinig build when not available
  • issue17; removed redundant quotes around preprocessor defines

v0.4.10, 2015-03-15:

  • general; updated to waf version 1.8.7
  • cmake, makefile; improved detection of include paths
  • issue14; set external path and symbol references

v0.4.9, 2015-01-07:

  • bdist; renamed module package into bdist, better reflects intended use of the module
  • ccenv; use a shallow environment copy, i.e. use env.derive() for each variant build environment

v0.4.8, 2015-01-05:

  • ccenv; added configuration option host (e.g. host = linux), only create variant build environment when building on the specified host
  • general; updated documentation to use theme from ‘Read the Docs’

v0.4.7, 2014-12-31:

  • ccenv; new module, replacement of ccross and gnucc modules
  • ccross, gnucc; marked as deprecated, use ccenv instead
  • general; dropped default support for batched_cc,unity, still too experimental
  • issue6; added check for presence of C and C++ compilers in eclipse module

v0.4.6, 2014-12-30:

  • issue13; improved package installation
  • general; added description for test script
  • general; updated setup script for Fedora

v0.4.5, 2014-12-07:

  • cppcheck; fixed crash when used in conf.check(); i.e. there are no bld.options

v0.4.4, 2014-12-07:

  • cppcheck; fixed static title and header in top index page
  • cppcheck; show highlighted source code for each file

v0.4.3, 2014-12-05:

  • makefile, cmake, msdev; use additional system includes (bld.env.INCLUDES)
  • msdev; treat bld.objects() as stlib.

v0.4.2, 2014-11-30:

  • issue12; makefile, treat bld.objects() as stlib.
  • makefile; improved detection and handling of nested libraries.
  • issue11; cmake, treat bld.objects() as stlib.

v0.4.1, 2014-11-23:

  • ccross; added support for msvc
  • ccross; use gcc as default host compiler, use –cchost to use default platform compiler
  • ccross; added option for specifying compiler postfix in ccross.ini file
  • cppcheck; reimplemented using JinJa2

v0.4.0, 2014-11-17:

  • waftools; moved get_deps() and get_targets() to module deps

v0.3.9, 2014-11-16:

  • waftools; return unique list of deps in waftools.get_deps()
  • eclipse; [bug fix] use general compiler flags and includes
  • eclipse; [bug fix] export bld.objects() as static library
  • cmake; [bug fix] export bld.objects() as static library

v0.3.8, 2014-11-13:

  • issue9; add -pthread option by default in gnucc and use it for export(eclipse, makefiles, codeblocks)
  • eclipse; [bug fix] added shared system libs
  • eclipse; added eclipse_skipme task generator option
  • codeblocks; added codeblocks_skipme task generator option
  • cmake; added cmake_skipme task generator option
  • msdev; added msdev_skipme task generator option
  • codeblocks, cmake; only export projects for selected targets (e.g. –targets=a,b,)

v0.3.7, 2014-11-12:

  • general; added package dependency to chardet
  • ccross; fix when using multiple cross compilers
  • cppcheck; detect character encoding when parsing on source failed.

v0.3.6, 2014-11-10:

  • waftools; added generic waftools.recurse(ctx,trees=[]) function
  • issue8; check if options (e.g. env) exist in cross.ini file
  • ccross; use normal compiler, linker and archvier if no prefix has been specified in ccross.ini
  • eclipse; added generation of launchers

v0.3.5, 2014-11-09:

  • ccross; specify configuration file (cross.ini) using command line argument
  • ccross; added support for defining environment variables in ‘cross.ini’
  • wafinstall; allways create ‘extras’ directory (required for ‘compiler_c’ tool)

v0.3.4, 2014-11-06:

  • msdev, makefile; only export projects for selected targets (e.g. –targets=a,b,)
  • wafinstall; by default do not install files from waflib/Tools/extras (i.e. –tools=None), add missing __init__.py file to waflib/Tools/extras.

v0.3.3, 2014-11-04:

  • wafinstall; corrected detection of compression of the waf archive (gz or bz2)

  • makefile; several fixes and improvements:

    • handle cflags in task generator being specified as string
    • added support for read_shlib()
    • only build C/C++ tasks
    • use correct makefile, build directory and libpaths for variants (cross-compile)
  • eclipse; several fixes and improvements:

    • added support for library task generators exporting headers only (i.e. no source)
    • added missing external libraries in project; use ‘lib’ from task generator, added support for read_shlib(), a.k.a. fake_lib

v0.3.2, 2014-11-03:

  • issue5; fixed detection of (cross)compilers in ccross module when using waf-1.8.x

v0.3.1, 2014-10-30:

  • issue4; added missing package files (‘msdev.sln’ and ‘doxy.config’)
  • wafinstall; improved/revised waf install script (beta)

v0.3.0, 2014-10-23:

  • wafinstall; added install script, can be used to install the waf build system

v0.2.0, 2014-10-15:

  • general; added support for waf-1.8.x, several fixes for environment variables being changed to type(list)
  • ccross; use new unity and batched_cc tools from waf-1.8.x when available

v0.1.8, 2014-10-11:

  • general; updated package trove classifiers in setup.py
  • indent; new module uses GNU indent in order to clean-up and format C/C++ source code
  • documentation; improved detailed description of modules

v0.1.7, 2014-10-06:

  • makefile, codeblocks, eclipse; added support for multiple build environments (cross-compile)
  • codeblocks; added support for multiple build environments (cross-compile)
  • eclipse; changed export, now only export settings defined within the environment

v0.1.6, 2014-09-03:

  • makefile; corrected creation of relative source paths and fixed a problem when using underscores in directory or task names
  • cppcheck; fixed broken hyperlinks when using firefox web browser

v0.1.5, 2014-08-24:

  • general; corrected download url in setup.py
  • general; always use tgz format for released packages
  • gnucc; new module containing GNU C/C++ compiler specific configuration settings
  • examples; updated build scripts in ‘playground’

v0.1.4, 2014-08-18:

  • depends, tree; renamed depends module into tree
  • documenation; added tree to package description
  • waftools; added ‘location’ variable (i.e. ‘waftools.location’)
  • msdev, eclipse, cmake, codeblocks, make; improved export speed
  • issue2, issue3; improved installation path of package data files (e.g. msdev.sln)
  • msdev, cmake, codeblocks; fixed export on Windows

v0.1.3, 2014-07-21:

  • license; changed license to MIT
  • documentation; updated and improved detailed description of modules
  • msdev, eclipse, cmake, codeblocks, make; improved export function
  • eclipse; improved export when using MinGW on Windows

v0.1.2, 2014-07-01:

  • eclipse; improved export when includes and use tgen arguments are specified as string intead of list
  • codeblocks; use LIBPATH and INCLUDES dependencies, added pthread linker option
  • depend; new module that allows users to get an overview of dependencies between tasks
  • doxygen; new module that allows users to create C/C++ source documentation

v0.1.1, 2014-05-10:

  • codeblocks; added extra check when parsing dependencies (use)
  • msdev; added extra check when parsing dependencies (use)
  • eclipse; added extra check when parsing dependencies (use)
  • cppcheck; added extra check on C/C++ sources containing non human readable characters

v0.1.0, 2014-04-08:

  • msdev; added export function of C/C++ tasks to Visual Studio projects.

v0.0.9, 2014-04-01:

  • initial release.