Vindinium Python

Awesome python client for Vindinium.

Vindinium is an online and continuous competition where you control a bot in a turn-based game, consult the site to know more. Note: this client is based on the ornicar’s client.

This library provides several base and simple bots, helper structures and common algorithms that allow you to create bots in an easy and fast way, focusing on the strategy and specific techniques of your bot.

Note: this client fix the inconsistent axis of the server, so you don’t have to worry about that (if you’re using the game model).


Main Module


Contains the base classes for you to create new bots and simple bots examples.


Used by BaseBot to create the game structure. Consult the Game class to see what it can do.

Artificial Intelligence

Bunch of artificial intelligence methods and structures. In general, these methods are already specialized for vindinium (e.g., AStar is already configured for grid).


Utility functions and classes.

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