Complete words

Similar to Eclipse behavior: cycles through possible word completions from opened documents.

Default key: <alt>slash

Edit and Select

Provides features for easy text editing.

  • <ctrl>d deletes line under cursor with copying it into clipboard.
  • <ctrl><alt>o shows cursor offset and cursor column position. Huh? Simply I need offset when write tests (parsing, code analyzing, etc.).
  • <alt>w smart select. Selects semantic blocks. Just try it. Have you ever need to select whole function definition or string in quotes or function parameters or function call with parameters or statement block? There is only one function for such tasks in Snaked. In conjunction with stock gtksourceview2 selection moving (<alt>Up, <alt>Down) it allows forget about copy-paste.
  • <shift><alt>w shrinks smart selection back.
  • <alt>f reformats selection to current right margin width.

That’s all for now. Planed feature functionality:

  • Smart string literals edit.
  • Automatic brackets and quotes pairing.
  • Automatic text wrap.
  • Maybe vertical selection.
  • Vim-like numbers incrementing/decrementing (<ctrl>a, <ctrl>x).
  • Vim-like above line symbols copying (<ctrl>y).
  • Vim-like... Over 9000 other features. In order of first need. Maybe implement vim mode? Damn.

Goto Dir

Default shortcut <crtl><alt>l opens editor file directory in file manager.

Goto Line

<ctrl>l popups dialog with line number input.

Hash Comment

Comments and uncomments code with hashes. Useful for languages with appropriate comment symbols. Default key <ctrl>slash.

Python Flakes

Background python code linter. Highlights problems like unused or undefined imports or variables. Also gives feedback about syntax errors. Quite handy plugin.

Save positions

Remembers current file position on editor close and restores it on open.

External tools

Plugin allows to run commands optionally piping selection or whole buffer’s content to it and process it’s stdout.

  • Name: tool’s name. You can use underscore (“_”) to define mnemonic key and pango markup.

  • Langs: comma separated list of languages for which this tool is intended. Leave field empty if tool should be available in all editors.

  • Command: Shell command to execute. Following variables are supported:

    • %f — current filename
    • %d — current filename’s directory
    • %p — current project directory

    Take note, you have not to quote it.

  • Stdin and Stdout should be self-explanatory.

Default key to activate run menu is <alt>x. Actual tool can be run by pressing it’s mnemonic key or selecting it with cursor keys an hitting Enter.


It is similar to vim’s SnipMate plugin which are clone of TextMate’s snippets, you may refer to these projects for syntax documentation.

User snippet files are searched in ~/.config/snaked/snippets. You can configure it via preferences (<ctrl>p) item Snippets.

There is ability to attach several snippet sets to one editor via multiple contexts (preferences File types item).

Missing features:

  • Variable/python commands/shell commands expansion via backticks.

Spell check

Attaches spell checker to current editor. You need pygtkspell installed (look at gnome-python-extras package for your distro).

Spell check is activated/deactivated by F7 key.

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