Snaked user manual

Snaked (snake editor) is light and minimalist editor inspired by Scribes, indented mostly for python developers, but other users may find it useful too.


  • Light UI. There are no menu, tool bar, status bar or project browser at all. Only editor view itself.
  • gtksourceview2 based.
  • Keyboard oriented control.
  • Auto projects. In most cases you do not need such boring operation like File ‣ New project. Just start edit your file.
  • Project navigation via Quick Open dialog.
  • Sessions to store last opened editors.
  • Restoring last edit position.
  • Python auto complete and navigation via rope with very flexible type hinting framework. PyGtk, Django support.
  • Basic python code lint via pyflakes.
  • Snippets.
  • Unittests (with py.test as backend, so there is support for usual UnitTest cases, nose cases and py.test itself).
  • Spell check.


Just a brief remark: I’m not a native English speaker so you may feel some confusion reading this manual. Please, share your discomfiture with me. I’ll be very grateful for that.

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