3. GaussianΒΆ


It is assumed that pyofss has been imported using

>>> from pyofss import *

The Gaussian module allows a Gaussian shaped pulse to be generated.

A default Gaussian may be generated using:

>>> gaussian = Gaussian()

An example of a Gaussian with a peak power of 0.5 W and a width of 20 ps:

>>> gaussian = Gaussian( peak_power = 0.5, width = 20.0 )

The position parameter is relative to the temporal domain width (which may be found from sys.domain.window_t).

A simulation using a Gaussian pulse

from pyofss import *
sys = System()
sys.add( Gaussian(peak_power = 0.5, width = 20.0) )

single_plot( sys.domain.t, temporal_power(sys.field),
             labels['t'], labels['P_t'] )

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


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