pymeigo 1.0.0 documentation

PYMEIGO documentation


pymeigo is a python package that provides a python interface to the optimisation tool MEIGOR, which is a R package available at The original R package provides a scatter search optimisation that is dedicated to the optimisation of R functions. pymeigo provides an easy way to use MEIGOR within python so as to optimise python functions as well.


Since pymeigo is available on PyPi, the following command should install pymeigo and its dependencies automatically:

easy_install pymeigo

Ideally, you should have installed MEIGOR (the R package). Please see MEIGOR page for up-to-date versions or CellNOpt page.

Nevertheless, the first time you use pymeigo, it will install the following version automatically if MEIGOR is not found on your system:;

If you want to install the R package yourself, under Linux, type something like:

R CMD INSTALL MEIGOR_0.99.1_svn2071.tar.gz

Jump to the quickstart section to have a go.


If you use essR and publish the results, please cite the following papers:

  1. Egea, J.A., Maria, R., Banga, J.R. (2010) An evolutionary method for complex-process optimization. Computers & Operations Research 37(2): 315-324.
  2. Egea, J.A., Balsa-Canto, E., Garcia, M.S.G., Banga, J.R. (2009) Dynamic optimization of nonlinear processes with an enhanced scatter search method. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49(9): 4388-4401.