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Welcome to oyProjectManager’s documentation!


The oyProjectManager is an Asset Manager for small to medium sized Animation or VFX studios and licensed under BSD 2 License.

The system works with any animation and composition packages supporting Python (ex. Maya, Nuke, Houdini etc.).

The system lets the user to freely create template files which are rendered to create the file placements and predefined directory structure.

It also makes the whole asset creation and storing process somewhat a scriptable and manageable process.

The system uses a central database to store related data. Depending on to the setup it can be an SQLite3 database or a proper database server.

For more detail please see the documentation.



oyProjectManager.config.Config Config abstraction
oyProjectManager.core.errors.CircularDependencyError Raised when there is circular dependencies between Versions
oyProjectManager.core.models.Asset Manages Assets in a given Project
oyProjectManager.core.models.Client Represents the Client
oyProjectManager.core.models.EnvironmentBase Connects the environment (the host program) to the oyProjectManager.
oyProjectManager.core.models.Project Manages project related data.
oyProjectManager.core.models.Sequence Sequence object to help manage sequence related data.
oyProjectManager.core.models.Shot The class that enables the system to manage shot data.
oyProjectManager.core.models.Repository Repository class gives information about the repository and projects in that repository.
oyProjectManager.core.models.User Manages users
oyProjectManager.core.models.Version Holds versions of assets or shots.
oyProjectManager.core.models.VersionableBase A base class for Shot and
oyProjectManager.core.models.VersionStatusComparator The comparator class for Version.status
oyProjectManager.core.models.VersionType A template for Version class.
oyProjectManager.db Database Module
oyProjectManager.db.declarative store the declarative_base in this module
oyProjectManager.utils.uncompress_range a shotRange is a string that contains numeric data with ”,” and “-“

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