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Version History

  • Fixed titles of version_creator and status_manager UIs.
  • Added screenshots to the documentation.


  • Added type attribute to the Asset class. The main intention is to be able to distinguish ‘Props’, ‘Environment’ etc. types of assets from each other.

  • Added status attribute to the Version class. This attribute will help to track the status of the Asset or Shot version.

  • Added a new UI called status_manager for viewing the Assets and Shots statuses.

  • Added a new column to the version_creator UI which shows the status of the saved version.

  • Added a new class called Client to manage Project clients.

  • Added a new attribute client to the Project class to manage Clients.

  • Updated version_creator UI, it now shows the Shots in correct numerical order.

  • Updated version_creator UI, it is now possible to change the Status or Browse the outputs of a Version by right clicking on the Previous Versions TableWidget.

  • status is now comparable with long status names, so comparing “WTS” with “Waiting To Start” will return True.

  • Added the query method as a class method to the Base class in the declarativeBase which will let you do queries directly by using the class itself:

    # instead of doing this
    projs = db.query(Project).all()
    # you can do like this
    projs = Project.query().all()
    # To query for an Asset
    my_asset = Asset.query().filter('test').first()
  • The thumbnail path is not stored in the DB anymore but it is always rendered from the config file and the attribute is renamed to thumbnail_full_path

  • Added shot_editor UI which can be reached through project_manager, with it you can edit shot info and upload thumbnails for the shot.

  • Moved the thumbnail upload procedures to a new module called ui_utils, and in the future releases all the common UI related functionality will be placed in this module to increase code reuse.

  • The given shot_number is now filtered in add_shot() method of Sequence class, so giving a shot name of “SH001” will create a new shot with shot number is “1” instead of “SH001” in which the latter case will result a shot name of “SHSH001”, and giving a shot number of “00010” will correctly create a shot with the number is set to “10” instead of “00010”.

  • Added installation information to the documentation.

  • Updated documentation of Config and configuration of oyProjectManager.


  • Added two new fields to Shot to hold the handle information.
  • Added a new method to NukeEnv to create slate information.
  • Replacing references in MayaEnv now uses the repository environment variable and prevents reloading of the referenced versions upon saving.
  • Fixed duration attribute initialization in Shot.
  • Now in version_creator the shot frame range and handle information can be updated.
  • Fixed tests of version_creator, the popups were interrupting the test while the environment to UI relation was tested. Now the dialog boxes only appear if the system is not in debug mode.
  • Added thumbnail support and version_creator UI can load/upload the defined thumbnails.
  • For a quick fix the template format has been changed in add_shots(). Compressing shots by using a “-” is not supported anymore. This will probably updated later on.
  • Changed the name formatting of Shot, Asset and Version. It is now allowed to have numbers at the beginning of the string.
  • Fixed Maya, it was raising IntegrityErrors when there are more than one references to the same Version.
  • Fixed a bug in version_creator where setting the font color was not working in PySide, it is now fixed by changing the code to a common way of doing it.
  • version_creator ui now displays the file size of the previous versions, and will not display the full path of the them anymore.
  • Added thumbnail_format to the config and version_creator now uses the specified format.
  • Fixed now it is properly opening Versions.
  • There is now two new settings in the config for time and date formatting of previous versions.
  • version_creator now displays the modification time of the previous versions.
  • Added “Texture Paint” also to the Nuke. So it is now possible to save Nuke scenes as Texture files.
  • Fixed nukeEnv, the output path is now correctly generated for Assets and Shots.
  • Changed the default Nuke output to “png”


  • Added is_published to Version class to track if a particular Version is published.
  • version_creator UI now shows the published Versions in green and bold font.
  • User instances now have a save() method to easily save the data to the database.
  • Added Show Only Published Versions option to the version_creator UI.
  • version_creator UI now only shows a definite amount of previous Versions, and it can be adjustable by the version_count_spinBox.
  • Default database placement now uses the $OYPROJECTMANAGER_PATH instead of REPO. It is much better to store and project_manager.db side by side.
  • Fixed a bug in Sequence where it was not able to create two Sequences with the same name but for different Projects.
  • Added the ability work both with PySide and PyQt4 by setting the environment variable PREFERRED_QT_MODULE to PySide or PyQt4 respectively before launching the application (added especially for Nuke 6.3v5 and later for their inclusion of PySide to their default install). If no environment variable is found then the system will continue to work with PyQt4.
  • In Maya the resolution will only be set if the given Version instances version number is 1 to prevent unwanted resolution changes.
  • Maya now replaces external paths (images and references) with absolute paths starting with $REPO (the env variable name can change according to the studio config).
  • For Maya environment the support for mentalrayTexture``s has ended due to the lack of a good environment variable support. Use regular maya ``file nodes for textures with mib_texture_filter_lookup nodes for the same sharp result.
  • Version now has is_latest_published_version() and Version().
  • Fixed a bug in the version_creator UI where the shots_listWidget was not correctly cleared after switching the current project from a project with sequences to a project without any sequences.
  • Fixed a bug in mayaEnv where it was not able to retrieve the list of references correctly under Windows OS which is caused again by the backslash issue.
  • Updated the version_updater UI, it now works properly with new Version instances. But it is again not informing the user about deep updates which will be added in near future releases.
  • Fixed the version_creator UI, for Shots, it was listing all the types instead of types which are compatible with the current environment.
  • Fixed a bug in mayaEnv where it was not able to save the scene if mentalray is set as the renderer but the mentalrayGlobals node is not created yet.
  • Converted the version_type_comboBox and takes_comboBox to a listWidget, which will be much suitable for viewing all the types and takes at the first sight.
  • version_creator now only lists active Projects.
  • Fixed maya_env references to Versions in the same workspace now updating the reference paths correctly by replacing the server path with $REPO.
  • Fixed maya_env referencing a Version now properly initializes the reference path with $REPO env variable.
  • Fixed a bug in version_creator UI where it was raising an IndexError while restoring the ui with a Version whose Project is not active anymore.
  • version_creator now shows the Projects in sorted order.
  • Now the number is now compatible with GradientFX’s shot format, accepts any upper case letters and the dash (“-”) character. Also the Shot.code is updated accordingly.
  • project_properties UI now shows and edits advanced properties like shot number padding and prefix, revision number padding and prefix, version number padding and prefix and the structure of the Project.
  • Updated the default project structure to also include shot folders. So calling create() will create also the Shot folders if there is any Sequence and also Shots defined.
  • Dash (“-”) character is now allowed in the version base name
  • Updated version_updated UI, now it warns the user for references with no published versions.
  • The structure in Project was incorrectly configured as PickleType whereas it should be String, it is now fixed.
  • Renamed the replace_file_paths with replace_external_paths() in nukeEnv and moved it to the EnvironmentBase to make it common in environments.


  • Fixed a bug when a Project doesn’t have any Sequence, create() will raise OSErrors about not being able to create the resultant directory which is an empty string.
  • Because at time of this release it was hard to reach PySide on every platform, the system has been moved back to PyQt4 for now. PySide will definitely be used in the future, when all the main programs (Maya, Houdini and Nuke) are supporting it (for now it is just Nuke which is delivered with PySide).
  • Fixed Conf it now saves the last_user_id properly
  • Fixed version_creator UI, it now saves and retrieves the last user choice properly.
  • Fixed version_creator UI, it now only displays Versions with type available to the current environment if there is any environment passed to it.
  • Now in MayaEnv and NukeEnv the output file also includes the Project code and if it is a Shot Version then it also includes the Sequence code in the output file names (ex. rendered images).


  • Updated the license to BSD 2.
  • Updated the license text on module headers.


  • The fullpath and the path attributes of the Project will not be stored in the database anymore. But instead they will be generated from the path and code attributes.
  • The concept of paths are enhanced. Now all the paths stored in the database is relative to the repository root. So the path attribute of Version class is an relative path to the server_path attribute of Repository class. And the templates in the VersionType should be designed in that way.
  • Fixed a bug where all the Versions for the same Shot or Asset with the same take_name considered in the same version queue. Thus Version.is_latest_version() and Version.max_version were not working properly.
  • Removed the description field from the version_creator UI to make the interface more compact and also this kind of information will be available in the web ui.
  • Added get_version_from_fullpath, get_versions_from_path, and trim_server_path, methods to EnvironmentBase class.
  • Added dependency_update_list() property to the Version class. Which returns a list of Version instances which are referenced by this Version or are referenced by the references of this Version and those have newer versions in the database, resulting a deeper update information.
  • Fixed a little bug, it is now possible to create VersionableBase instances ( Asset and Shot instances particularly) with the same code value if their project_id is not the same.
  • To be able to make the name attribute in the Asset unique, the column moved to the VersionableBases table which also has the project_id column.
  • Moved the description attribute to the VersionableBase class, which was a common attribute for the Asset` and Shot classes.
  • The version_number attribute is now depending on to the version_of attribute instead of the base_name attribute, to prevent the version_number from being started over from 1 again in case of renames in VersionableBase instances attached to a particular Version instance.
  • Updated the project_manager ui.
  • Sequence will not accept strings for the project argument anymore.
  • The name and code attributes of Sequence class is now working as expected.


  • Because every project had its own SQLite3 database it was hard to manage the same User in different projects, for that reason the system now uses a central database whose placement (if SQLite3) is defined by the Also, the system is able to use different databases than SQLite3. This latest improvement added another level of flexibility to the system.
  • The is renamed to to reflect its functionality more clearly. And the interface is redesigned from scratch and programmed with TDD practices.
  • Because there is a bug in the Beaker package, reintroduced the oyProjectManager.utils.cache module.
  • Added extension attribute to the Version class.
  • Version class now has extension and output_path attributes.
  • Renamed the environments back to,, and
  • Added an attribute called project to the Version class which is a shortcut to the Version.version_of.project
  • Added absolute_path attribute to the Version class which returns the absolute path of the version to the Project root
  • The fullpath attribute in Version now returns an absolute path.
  • The duty of the name attribute of the Project class is now shifted to the code attribute, thus, the name of the Project can now be freely changed, without effecting the file management.
  • Updated the add_shots(), add_alternative_shot() and get_next_alternate_shot_number() methods in Sequence class.
  • Added resolution presets to the config file.
  • Added active attribute to the Project class to track the status of the Project.


  • The system now uses SQLAlchemy Declarative in its data models. And a new settings file located in the Project root with the name .metadata.db is governed to hold the related data for that Project. The system doesn’t scan the file system anymore but instead uses this .metadata.db SQLite3 file. There are a lot of interface changes in the classes:

    • The Project.sequenceNames and Project.updateSequenceList methods are no longer needed and they don’t exist anymore.

    • There is no readSettings method in any of the classes anymore. All the settings are read from the database (by retrieving an instance from the db) as the instance is created.

    • All the XML parsing code is removed. So there is no backward compatibility.

    • It was very hard keep the compatibility with the previous versions. So, the version 0.2.0 is not backward compatible. The system will look with blinking eyes if you try to use it with an old Project.

    • The methods:

      • _parseSequenceDataNode
      • _parseStructureNode
      • _parseAssetTypesNode
      • _parseShotListNode
      • _parseShotDataNode
      • create
      • createShots
      • _sortShots
      • getShot
      • shotList
      • structure
      • createStructure
      • convertToShotString
      • convertToRevString
      • convertToVerString
      • convertToShotNumber
      • convertToRevNumber
      • convertToVerNumber
      • shotPadding
      • shotPrefix
      • getAssetTypes
      • getAssetTypeWithName
      • getAssetFolders
      • projectName
      • getAllAssets
      • getAllAssetsForType
      • getAllAssetFileNamesForType
      • getAssetBaseNamesForType
      • getAllAssetsForTypeAndBaseName
      • filterAssets
      • filterAssetNames
      • generateFakeInfoVariables
      • aFilter
      • undoChange
      • path
      • fullpath
      • projectName
      • timeUnit
      • isValid
      • addNewAssetType
      • exists
      • noSubNameField

      of the Sequence are removed. They were preliminarily used for fake database query like behaviour which is greatly handled by SQLAlchemy right now.

  • All the models are now placed under one module called oyProjectManager.core.models. Thus deleted the old oyProjectManager.models.project, oyProjectManager.models.asset, oyProjectManager.models.user modules and the oyProjectManager.models module itself.

  • utils.convertRangeToList is renamed to uncompress_range().

  • Introduced the new Version class which from now on will hold the references to the individual files for every version created for an Asset or Shot in the repository. So contrary to the previous implementation an Asset is not the reference of the individual version files of itself any more.

  • Introduced the VersionableBase class in which the Shot and Asset is derived from. Thus allow them to hold references to Versions.

  • The Repository now uses the REPO environment variable instead of STALKER_REPOSITORY_PATH.

  • All the project settings are now stored in the Project class.

  • The timeUnit concept is replaced with fps. To define the timeUnit (which is very much a specific naming convention for Maya only) set the fps of the Project class.

  • It is now possible to set a project image format by setting the width, height, pixel_aspect attributes of the Project class.

  • The Shot class now initializes with the number attribute and the code attribute of the Shot composed from the number and the shot_prefix and shot_padding attribute of the Project class.

  • There is no Structure class anymore. The function is accomplished by the Project class itself.

  • The system now uses the OYPROJECTMANAGER_PATH to search a file called and uses this file to configure the system. See config documentation for more details.

  • Renamed the environment modules:

    • –>
    • –>
    • –>
    • –>

    To ease the move of separate environment class concept, which will be introduced in version 0.3.0

  • Updated the Repository, now it is only doing repository related things. The following methods are removed:

    • _init_repository_path_environment_variable (no environment variables to init anymore)

    • _parse_repository_settings (nothing to parse anymore)

    • projects (use Repository.project_names instead)

    • valid_projects (use Repository.project_names all the names are for valid projects -projects with .metadata.db- only)

    • users (it is Projects duty to return a list of users in the project, and a full list of user names and corresponding user name initials can be retrieved from oyProjectManager.config.Config.users)

    • user_names (can be retrieved from oyProjectManager.config.Config.users)

    • user_initials (can be retrieved from oyProjectManager.config.Config.users)

    • _parse_users (nothing to parse anymore)

    • createProject (use:

      from oyProjectManager.core.models import Project
      new_proj = Project("NEW_PROJECT")

      no need to introduce a new method)

    • defaultFiles (is handled by the environments, not by the repository)

    • default_settings_file_full_path (no default settings file anymore)

    • home_path (it is os.path.expanduser(“~”) no need to create new method)

    • last_user (use oyProjectManager.config.Config.last_user_initial instead)

    • get_project_and_sequence_name_from_file_path (use oyProjectManager.core.models.Repository.get_project_name() instead, it is not possible to get the Sequence name for now)

    • settings_dir_path (no settings dir)

    • time_units (no time unit concept, use fps instead)