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Version 0.9

Convert unit tests to base on unittest2. Create introductory material for common models, activitylog, score and tags: tutorials, examples and FAQ.

Version 1.0

Drop support for Django 1.3.

Separate some of the more useful things as their own packages. Currently these are already separated:

These would be great to separate:

  • cache (needs updating first)
  • namespace package support (so that all other dj.* packages work out of the box for users)
  • thumbnail filter

Make all separated packages compatible with Python 3.x.

Unit test the rest, remove what’s supported out of the box in Django 1.4.

Clean up forms.

Random ideas

  • make the timing middleware store the results somewhere somehow
  • custom inlines which set lck-specific readonly fields by default
  • future date filter for the admin
  • Migrate configuration of lck.django.cache to the 1.3+ variant
  • Base shell on 1.4
  • Deprecate execfile()-based settings hacking
  • There are not enough unit tests
    • in particular, py.test is used for the existing tests which makes proper unit testing for Django-specific bits harder. Struggling with django-pytest did not produce any results as of yet.
  • No examples in the code
  • Bits documented only by means of API, some proper introduction would be handy:
    • forms
    • models
    • score
    • tags
  • No FAQ, Tutorial