lck.django 0.8.5 documentation

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This library consists of a number of reusable Django apps and a set of common functionality that enables them to work.

Module details

For more detailed view on the modules, see the documentation below.

cache A drop-in substitute for the default django.core.cache object.
filters A set of common independent filters usable directly in Python code.
common Various unrelated routines and helper classes.
common.forms Albeit useful, this module is still somewhat a mess in a really early state of development.
common.middleware A couple of useful middleware classes related to common framework
common.models lck.django.common.models
common.templatetags.bbcode BBCode-related template tags.
common.templatetags.converters A set of type-converting filters.
common.templatetags.cycle_filter The cycle filter.
common.templatetags.strings A set of string-related filters.
common.templatetags.thumbnail The thumbnail filter.
activitylog.models lck.django.activitylog.models
badges.models lck.django.badges.models
profile.models lck.django.profile.models
score.models lck.django.score.models
score.templatetags.lckd_score A set of string-related filters.
tags.models lck.django.tags.models