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github2 uses logging to report warnings, errors and debug messages to the library’s user. The Python documentation includes thorough documentation for the logging module, and a wonderful tutorial.


If there is more data you’d like the library to exposed then open an issue, or even better a pull request!

Request data

With the DEBUG logging level enabled a message will be produced every time an API request is made.

>>> github = Github()
>>> user ="JNRowe")
RESPONSE_TEXT: [{"user":{"gravatar_id":"e40de1eb6e8a74cb96b3f07f3994f155","company":null,"name":"James Rowe","created_at":"2009/03/08 14:53:38 -0700","location":"Cambridge, UK","public_repo_count":41,"public_gist_count":64,"blog":"","following_count":5,"id":61381,"type":"User","permission":null,"followers_count":6,"login":"JNRowe","email":""}}]
>>> user.gravatar_id

In the message you can see the URL that was accessed, here You’ll also see any HTTP post method data that was sent, in this case there was none. And the full response from GitHub, here the user data of JNRowe.

Rate limiting

If rate limiting is enabled, with the requests_per_second parameter when creating a Github object, then you’ll see a WARNING level message when a request has been delayed.

>>> github = Github(requests_per_second=0.2)
>>> user ="JNRowe")
>>> user ="JNRowe")
WARNING:github2.request:delaying API call 4.997032 second(s)

Here we have defined a rate limit of one call every five seconds, and doing so has imposed an almost 5 second delay before completing the second request.

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