This module contains functionality that isn’t useful to general users of the github2 package, but it is documented to aid contributors to the package.

github2.request.DEFAULT_GITHUB_URL = ''

Hostname for API access

github2.request.SYSTEM_CERTS = True

Whether github2 is using the system’s certificates for SSL connections

github2.request.CURL_CERTS = False

Whether github2 is using the cert’s from the file given in $CURL_CA_BUNDLE

exception github2.request.GithubError[source]

An error occurred when making a request to the GitHub API.

class github2.request.GithubRequest(username=None, api_token=None, url_prefix=None, requests_per_second=None, access_token=None, cache=None, proxy_host=None, proxy_port=None, github_url=None)[source]

Make an API request.

See :github2.client.Github

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