Version 1 Beta 1 (2015-11-30)

This is a backwards-incompatible fork of twod.wsgi v1.0.1.

The most significant change is that the configuration-related functionality has been split away from django-wsgi, as it is not strictly to do with improving Django-WSGI interoperability. This functionality is now available in the project django-pastedeploy-settings.

Additionally, the following changes were made:

  • twod.wsgi.handler:TwodWSGIRequest was renamed to django_wsgi.handler:DjangoWSGIRequest, and twod.wsgi.exc:TwodWSGIException was renamed to django_wsgi.exc:DjangoWSGIException.
  • django_wsgi.handler:DjangoWSGIRequest is no longer subclassing both Django’s and WebOb’s requests. Django’s request class is the only parent now, and the WebOb request instance is available as the instance attribute webob (i.e., request.webob).
  • Introduced django_wsgi.handler.APPLICATION to make it possible to set our handler directly via the WSGI_APPLICATION setting.
  • Removed the class TwodResponse, which supported the setting of custom HTTP status reasons, since newer versions of Django now support this.
  • Removed ability to import directly from the package django_wsgi.
  • Seek operations have been restricted to the wsgi.input of POST and PUT requests. This fixes a bug with Django Admin in Django 1.2 where a view gets the POST arguments even if the request is a GET one.
  • Added Django 1.6 compatibility.
  • Added Python 3 compatibility.