About django-wsgi

django-wsgi has only one goal, which is to bring WSGI support to Django to the same level as in the other modern Python frameworks. We tried it to implement these improvements at the core of Django, but unfortunately that is not going to happen for the time being.

This is another project brought to you by 2degrees Limited.

Getting help

Keep in mind that django-wsgi is a thin integration layer, so if you have questions about the 3rd party software mentioned in this documentation, it’s best to use the support channels for the corresponding project.

For questions about WebOb, WebTest, PasteDeploy, PasteScript and Paste itself, use the paste-users mailing list. Python’s Web-SIG is the right place for queries about WSGI in general.

For questions directly related to django-wsgi or if you’re not sure what’s the right place to ask a given question, please use our 2degrees-floss mailing list.


We’ll only implement the features we’re going to use, but if there’s something you’re missing, we’d be pleased to apply patches for the features you need, as long as:

  • They are PEP 8 and preferably 257 compliant.
  • There are unit tests for the new code.
  • The new code doesn’t break existing functionality.

Please go to our development site on GitHub to get the latest code, fork it (and ask us to merge them into ours) and raise issues.