API documentation for django_wsgi

class django_wsgi.handler.DjangoWSGIRequest(environ)

Bases: django.core.handlers.wsgi.WSGIRequest

Django request that makes an alternative WebOb request available as an instance attribute.


webob.Request instance for the WSGI environment behind the current Django request.

django_wsgi.handler.APPLICATION = <django_wsgi.handler.DjangoApplication object>

WSGI application based on DjangoApplication.

Embedded applications


Return a callable which can be used as a Django view powered by the wsgi_app.

Parameters:wsgi_app – The WSGI which will run the view.
Returns:The view callable.
django_wsgi.embedded_wsgi.call_wsgi_app(wsgi_app, request, path_info)

Call the wsgi_app with request and return its response.

Raises django_wsgi.exc.ApplicationCallError:

If path_info is not the last portion of the PATH_INFO in request.


The response from the WSGI application, turned into a Django response.

Return type:



Exceptions raised by django_wsgi.

exception django_wsgi.exc.DjangoWSGIException

Bases: Exception

Base class for exceptions raised by django_wsgi.

exception django_wsgi.exc.ApplicationCallError

Bases: django_wsgi.exc.DjangoWSGIException

Exception raised when an embedded WSGI application was not called properly.