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Géoportail is a web portal managed by the French National Geographic Institute. They provide high-resolution maps and aerial photos of French territories, as well as several sets of geolocalized data.


They also provide a javascript API based on OpenLayers, which can be used by web developers to add geographic data to external websites and Geographic Information Systems.

Django-geoportail is a Django app that abstracts the javascript API and makes it easier to display Geportail’s data on your Django site. It is built on top of GeoDjango.

This documentation is available online on packages.python.org. It covers all steps to plug Geoportal’s data to your site:


Contributions are welcome!

If you experience problems using django-geoportail, I’d like to hear from you! Please file bugs on bitbucket, ask questions on how to use django-geoportail, and more importantly ask for new features! You don’t have to write patches, but ideas and improvements are more than welcome.



Django-geoportail is released under the BSD licence.

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