cellnopt.admin 0.6.4 documentation

1. distribute (cellnopt.admin.distribute module)

This module provides tools to check out a revision of a SVN directory into a temporary directory and to create a tar ball out of that SVN copy and copy the final tar ball in the directory where this script is called. Sub directories such as .svn are removed. The temporary directory is also removed.

This is coded in the DistributeRPackage class. This module is also executable provided with cellnopt.admin package called cellnopt_distribute.

class DistributeRPackage(package, url=None, revision='HEAD', build_options='--no-build-vignettes')[source]

Class to ease distribution of CellNOptR packages from SVN

Can be used for any SVN containing valid R packages by setting the repository URL

>>> d = DistributeRPackage("CNORdt")
>>> d.distribute()

You can also use the executable provided in cellnopt.admin package itself:

cellnopt_distribute --package CNORdt --revision HEAD

equivalent to (if you have the sources):

python distribute.py --package CNORdt --revision 666
  • package (str) – name of a valid package (e.g., CellNOptR)
  • url (str) –
  • revision – SVN revision (default is HEAD )
  • build_options – additional build options for R (default is


You can also change the logging level (e.g., self.logging.debugLevel=”WARNING”)

Changed in version –no-vignettes: option is deprecated in R and replaced by no-build-vignettes


This is the main method to create package distribution.

It follows these steps:

  1. creates temp directoy
  2. svn checkout clean revision
  3. calls R CMD build
static help()[source]

Return usage help message

2. multidistribute (cellnopt.admin.multidistribute module)

This module is a generalisation of the distribute module.

class MultiDistributeRPackage(packages=[], revision='HEAD')[source]

Script to ease distribution of R package from SVN

>>> d = MultiDistributeRPackage()
>>> d.distribute()

Best is to call multidistribute from command line:

python multidistribute.py --revision HEAD --packages CNORdt CNORfuzzy
python multidistribute.py --revision 666

Build the distributions of all CellNOptR packages and plugins.

List containing CellNOptR, CNORdt, CNORode, CNORfuzzy, MEIGOR, CNORfeeder

static help()[source]

Return usage help message

3. install (cellnopt.admin.install module)


script to install all CellNOptR packages dependencies

This is not complete but functional. So, we just need to add all relevant packages.

>>> from cellnopt.admin import install_all_cellnopt_dependencies
>>> install_all_cellnopt_dependencies()