cellnopt.admin 0.6.4 documentation

1. Distribute CellNOptR package

Imagine you want to distribute the CellNOptR package that is available in this SVN repository: https://svn.ebi.ac.uk/sysbiomed/trunk. In order to create a distribution, you could go manually in the directory and type:

R CMD build .

However, there is no SVN versioning in the filename that has been created. You would first need to figure out the revision and then rename the file apropriately. With the DistributeRPackage() function you can do that as follows:

>>> from cellnopt.admin import *
>>> d = distribute.DistributeRPackage("CellNOptR", revision="HEAD",
>>>           url='https://svn.ebi.ac.uk/sysbiomed/trunk')
>>> d.distribute()
>>> # some clean up if needed:
>>> import os
>>> os.remove(d.package_name_rev)

2. Distribute several packages at once

If you want to distribute several packages, you can call the previous code several times or use the MultiDistributeRPackage:

d = MultiDistributeRPackage(packages=["CNORdt", "CellNOptR"], revision="HEAD")

3. Install all CellNOptR dependencies

If you want to install CellNoptR, and relevant packages, you will need to install some dependencies.

The install_all_cellnopt_dependencies will be handy.

from cellnopt.admin import install_all_cellnopt_dependencies as installRPackages