To follow these instructions locally you will need a local copy of this package. Please go to the PyPI page of this package and download the .zip file using the Download button in the top-right of the page. Unzip the package in a directory of your choice and open a console window in this directory.

You also might want to use the latest version of this package, which you can obtain from GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd bob.example.faceverify

Installation of this example uses the buildout building environment. You don’t need to understand its inner workings to use this package. Here is a recipe to get you started:

$ python
$ ./bin/buildout

These 2 commands should download and install all non-installed dependencies and get you a fully operational test and development environment. Particularly, it will download and compile all required packages of Bob. Please make sure that you have read the Dependencies of Bob for your operating system.


Compiling the packages of Bob might take a while.

Download the Test Database

The images that are required to run the test are not included in this package, but they are freely downloadable from

Unpack the database in a directory that fits you. The easiest solution is to create a sub-directory Database in this package. If you decide to put the data somewhere else, please remember the image directory.

Verify your Installation

To verify your installation, you might want to run the unit tests that are provided with this package. For this, the AT&T database is required to be either in the Database sub-directory of this package (see above), or that the ATNT_DATABASE_DIRECTORY environment variable points to your database directory. At Idiap, you might want to use:

$ bin/nosetests -v

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