This is release 1.0.8 of a Python package named PySpeedIT.



PySpeedIT is a collection of: Benchmark-IT, Profile-IT, Line-Memory-Profile-IT, Disassemble-IT.

It is a rewrite/continuation of a previous package called: SpeedIT: also by peter1000

Content Summary

Introductory Materials

Installation Instructions
requirements and installations instructions
Library Overview
describes shortly the included parts
Release History
history of current and past releases

Code & Usage Examples

Speed-It Usage Example

For more examples see any files in the PySpeedIT source

  • SOURCE/Examples

    • especially the file: run_speed_it.py
  • SOURCE/Tests

Projects using PySpeedIT

Known projects which make use of: PySpeedIT


    L(ight) CONF(iguration): A light - human-friendly, simple readable data serialization format for dynamic configuration.

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