Installation Instructions


See PySpeedIT: Required Software.



To install from pypi using pip/pip3

$ pip3 install PySpeedIT

To install from source using

$ python3 build
$ sudo python3 install

To install from source using make

$ sudo make install


In the source root folder the Makefile has a number of helpful shortcut commands


Warnings at installation

$ warning: no previously-included files matching '__pycache__' found under directory '*'

This can be ignored __pycache__ is excluded in the file


The latest copy of this documentation should always be available at:

If you wish to generate your own copy of the documentation, you will need to:

  1. Download the PySpeedIT source.

  2. If not already installed - install PSphinxTheme (1.2.4 or better)

    $ pip3 install PSphinxTheme
  3. From the PySpeedIT source directory, run:


    To build the documentation from source using

    $ python3 build_sphinx -E

    To build from source using make

    $ make docs
  4. Once Sphinx is finished, point a web browser to the file SOURCE/build/sphinx/html/index.html.

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